医药、医疗器械、生命科学等大健康行业CRM & 营销案例

CRM & Marketing Cases from Health Industries - Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Life Sciences

As customer acquisition costs soar in traditional channels, the Wechat ecosystem has become a battleground for companies in health verticals such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and life sciences to acquire and convert leads. Companies in these verticals increasingly rely on CRM and marketing automation technology to carry out customer lifecycle marketing at scale. Together these technologies create a closed loop seamlessly connecting lead acquisition to lead qualification to lead nurturing to sales follow up to transaction.

I. Industry Background


The health industry contains a variety of sectors including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, life sciences, wellness, and elderly care. JINGdigital has  CRM and marketing automation solutions tailored to the unique needs of each of these sectors. Each solution is based on the principle of closing the loop from lead acquisition to sales. These tools help our clients achieve long-lasting win-win relationships between enterprises, dealers, and end consumers.


II. Challenges


Customer acquisition costs in traditional channels have soared in recent years due to voracious competition, causing many players to turn to different channels. This has resulted in data silos with valuable customer data locked away in different databases. Data silos make it difficult to streamline lead management and depress conversion rates. More specifically:

  • Strict laws and regulations in China limit advertising options. How to obtain customers affordably and efficiently outside traditional promotion channels?
  • Content marketing is very important, but how to get timely feedback on content performance and benchmark relevant delivery channels?
  • After acquiring prospects, how to identify and prioritize targets, build clear customer profiles, and achieve targeted engagement?
  • Sales resources are limited. How to extend brand reach into lower-tier cities, open up new markets, and better empower channel distributors?




III. Solutions


◆ Create multiple entry points for content marketing and use marketing automation and user journeys to harvest prospect data.


We advise our clients in health industry sectors to leverage product information, use case scenarios, and other expert material to create branded white papers, webinars, or podcasts. These can be put into a content hub that can then be used for content marketing purposes. Link to it from your official website or WeChat account menu or other high traffic third-party platforms to drive inbound traffic.

Prospects browse the contents thereby triggering automated user journeys that guide visitors to follow the WeChat account or register for an account or any number of other micro-conversions. Prospects are granted greater access in exchange for personal information such as contact information. Behavioral signals are seamlessly merged in our CRM with demographic information and stated preferences to provide a comprehensive profile that can be referenced and updated during sales follow up.

The JINGdigital sCRM and marketing automation platform helps health industry enterprises build a content hub in the WeChat ecosystem. JINGsocial’s user journey tool helps enterprises automate the information gathering process. Data gathered from different sources is appended to a unique customer profile so that the marketing team can quickly view and follow up.



◆ Create a closed loop around your online and offline events from registration to engagement to follow-up


Before the event, the marketing department uses the JINGsocial platform to generate a mobile-optimized poster with a customized QR code for each salesperson and each distribution channel with a single click. Managing the registration and confirmation is easy and the platform has automated reminder notification flows to improve user experience and lift participation.

During the event deploy chatbots and surveys to improve engagement.

After the event, use online questionnaires and data analysis to review the event and plan for the next.

CRM & Marketing Cases from Health Industries - Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Life Sciences - Webinar Solution


◆ Centralized lead management, automated lead nurturing across the entire lifecycle

Aggregate your lead pool and use JINGsocial’s lead management tools to automate lead nurturing from a central location. The marketing department, telemarketing department, and sales department carry out lead follow up and manage lead status updates in one convenient place.

For potential customers who are not ready to buy, JINGsocial’s automated user journey function delivers targeted content regularly over a period of time. Meanwhile, the lead scoring function tracks potential customers who achieve a certain value and automatically screens them for delivery to the sales team for follow up. In this way, we create a closed-loop from acquisition to conversion, increasing ROI on the customer acquisition investment.

Companies in major health industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and life sciences can also use JINGconnect to connect JINGsocial to their existing CRM systems such as Veeva or Salesforce which is often required for data security compliance. At the same time, JINGconnect connects JINGsocial to e-commerce platforms, such as WeChat mini program or H5 shop. This is especially important for consumable medical device vendors and healthcare service providers. Use marketing automation to push native Wechat content such as Wechat posts and coupons to lift conversion. Use abandoned cart recovery journeys to drive transactions. After the initial order is placed, marketing automation supports across the customer’s full life cycle lifting CLV through repurchase reminders and upsell opportunities.


◆ Activate opportunities in lower-tier cities and empower your channel distribution partners

Through the WeChat public account, brands can directly and quickly reach their end consumers. When a new sales opportunity emerges, the marketing department identifies the nearest agent based on the follower’s geographic location information in Wechat and then directs her to a mini program where she can find the dealer’s information. The customer then goes to the dealer location for an offline experience and to complete the deal. In this way, brands reach end customers directly and cultivate feedback channels. By involving distributors, brands greatly improve the loyalty of distributors and accelerate the efficiency of inventory circulation.

Finally, JINGsocial’s user profile, tagging, and group functions help companies in major health care industries such as medicine, medical devices, life sciences to get deeper customer insights and carry out precision marketing for their market segments. Accurate customer profiles help companies identify and target high potential customer groups, and use content strategically to guide them to the e-commerce platform to complete orders.


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Best Practices

This Targeted Content Marketing Plan Achieved A Quarterly Retention Rate Exceeding 85%

An American pharmaceutical company uses JINGdigital marketing automation system to empower its WeChat service account to interact with doctors in a personalized way. The features to realize personlization include parametric QR code with welcome journey, WeChat behavioral data collection, real-time update of tags, CRM data integration, and optimized targeted operation (personalized menu, targeted content push). As a result, in-post link click-through-rate exceeds 50%, and follower retention rate is over 85%.

Implementation of B2B Solution Increases The Number of Customers Acquired by 45%

A leading global pharmaceutical company leveraged the integration and tracking modules on JINGdigital platform to integrate WeChat Official Account, mini programs, and H5 website, which builds a social CRM data center within the WeChat ecosystem. This solution bridges the data gap between different systems and enables the company to track omnichannel user profile and gain insights. The company received over 20,000 fan interactions and a 75% interaction rate per campaign.

An Integrated Social Data Management Solution That Lifts Follower Engagement by 25%

After utilizing JINGdigital‘s marketing automation system, this medical device company was able to use tags, conversations, scoring, user segmentation, and other functions to complete the persona and realize targeted marketing through customer journey function. On the other hand, by integrating the data from WeChat Official Account, mini program, and the company’s third-party platforms, the company achieved omnichannel customer acquisition and conversion. As a result, the sales leads’ interaction rate increased by 14%, and the engagement rate of the campaigns increased by 85%.




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